Wufoo Form Facebook Tabs (The Easiest Way)

Wufoo Form Facebook Tabs (The Easiest Way)

A few months ago, I wrote a blog post explaining how to create Wufoo Form Facebook Tabs. The process involved creating your own Facebook application and took approximately 15 minutes to complete. Since that post, I have found a much easier way to complete the exact same task. Obviously I would love to keep my latest method a secret, and make a little money off it – yet I am a huge fan of offering free resources to people who read my posts. Now let’s jump right into this extremely simple process (this might take 5 minutes of your time).

Step 1: Copy Wufoo Embed Code

Assuming that you created a Wufoo form already, begin by clicking on the “code” button. Then proceed to click on “embed form code” and copy the Javascript version of the code. Keep this code handy, you will be using it later.


Step 2: Install Static HTML: iframe tabs

This next step is simple – install the app by visiting this link, and make sure to click on “add to my page” (It’s located underneath the monthly active users).

static HTML

Step 3: Paste Wufoo Code

Instead of creating a custom Facebook app, we are going to let Static HTML: iframe tabs do the work. You should see a new tab on your page labeled “Welcome”. Click, then paste the code. It’s that easy! Make sure you click on “Save and View Tab” to preview how your tab will look!

Note: I suggest checking the “no scrollbars” box – It’s much cleaner.

wufoo Embed Facebook

Step 4: You’re Done!

Wasn’t that easy? If you would like to add additional Wufoo forms to your page, click on the FAQ & Help Center on the Static HTML: iframe tabs (it’s the yellow bar).

Static HTML: iframe tabs more tabs

If you would like to change the tab name, click on “edit page“, then proceed to “apps“. Click on “edit settings” for the Static HTML: iframe tabs, and change the name.

Extra Tip:

If you want to change the “icon” on the tab, hover over it, and then click on the pencil icon. The screen (shown below) should appear, and then simply upload a different image. You’re done!

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