The Anywhere Operating System

The Anywhere OS is your user manual for working from anywhere.

COVID-19 changed the way we work. Are you ready for what's next? The Anywhere Operating System is your how-to guide to navigate this tectonic shift.

A quick explainer about the book!
"For decades, leaders have relied on the office to paper over cultural cracks while allowing distractions to destroy productivity. In reaction to that, a new type of organization is emerging: asynchronous-first. Luke has emerged as a leader in this new world, not just imagining how these organizations can work, but creating the tools and frameworks that enable it." - Chris Herd, Co-Founder/CEO @ FirstBase

Work has changed, has your business changed with it?

We've created a hands-on user manual on how to run your business from anywhere. If you read this book, we promise you will save years of trial and error.

This is the book :)
"This guide escapes the canopy of theoretical and delivers actionable intel to create and evolve a remote-first work environment. In a post-office world where flexibility is globally demanded, leaders will appreciate the no-nonsense approach to leveraging remote for the competitive advantage it is." - Darren Murph, Head of Remote @ Gitlab

About the Authors

So who wrote this book again?

Luke Thomas

Luke is the former founder/CEO of Friday. He's worked remotely for almost a decade as an individual contributor, team lead, and a CEO. He grew up in Downeast, Maine.

Aisha Samake

Aisha is a student and is new to working remotely. She was an intern @ Friday and will share an employee's perspective on working remotely.

Want to start reading?

Well, here ya go!

Part #1: Principles

In the first section, we'll outline the history of the office, unpack if remote work is a fad (or not), show you how to cut your internal staff meetings in half, and much more.

  • Why write a book about working from anywhere?
  • What if the office is the new invention?
  • Is working from anywhere a fad?
  • The office vs. remote
  • The open secret that’s hiding in plain sight
  • The #1 ingredient of working from anywhere
  • That meeting should have been an email

Part #2: Tactics

In this section, we'll get into the nitty gritty. Learn how to build a company handbook, stay accountability, keep in sync, run meetups, hire, and onboard new team members.

  • How to go async first
  • How to create a company handbook
  • How to cut your internal meetings in half
  • How to build company culture
  • How to feel connected to your team
  • How to create accountability from afar
  • How to build trusted working relationships
  • How to stay aligned
  • How to hold company meetups
  • How to hire from anywhere
  • How to onboard a new hire remotely
  • How to lead a team
  • What about hybrid work?
  • How to stay productive & avoid burning out
  • 12 Mental Models for success
  • Tools for the journey
"Remote work equips workers with the autonomy and flexibility to do their best work regardless of where they’re located. However, building a remote team takes intention and can be difficult to get right. Luke is among the most thoughtful and experienced leaders, and he’s full of actionable advice for how to successfully build and scale a remote-first team." - Mike Knoop, Co-Founder/President @ Zapier