Write Words & Code

Write Words & Code

A few months ago, I saw this tweet from Naval Ravikant.

Code + Media

I've been stewing on this over the last few months and it got me thinking about the arc of my career. I used to spend a lot of time writing blog posts on marketing, growth, and other topics I found interesting. After reflecting on this, I realized that the step-function changes happened largely as a result of writing stuff. I owe a lot of my career to writing in the early days.

Fast forward, I haven't written as much in the past couple years because I've been building Friday. While I don't write code anymore, the software is used by people all over the world and has led to some interesting opportunities. This speaks to the value of writing code.

Long story short, I am a living testament to the power of writing words and code. I plan on getting back into writing, as it's a form of thinking and will help me improve. Who knows, it may open up the door to some interesting opportunities.