Verizon Samsung Galaxy S iii Review (From an Average User)

So you’ve been thinking about purchasing a smartphone, yet have no idea what to pick. The market is full of phones, each loudly proclaiming why they are the “best on the market.” The purpose of my product reviews is to review a product as accurately as I can. The majority of people who purchase a phone aren’t concerned about all the different features, instead, they want a few specific questions answered.

So why should you listen to me? What do I know about smartphones?

First, I am not compensated for my articles, instead, I enjoy testing out new products, and putting myself in the shoes of an average person. Secondly, I still own and use a flip phone, and gladly spend $25/month for 200 minutes of talk time and texting. I am always near an internet connection (why do I need a smartphone), and as a broke college student who pays his own bills (gasp!), a smartphone is not something I can afford at the moment.

Also, I should note that my reviews are extensive. I use the phone for a couple weeks, and put myself in the position of the average user.

Conclusion of Article = iPhone has serious competition

I’m a big Apple fan, yet in my opinion, the Samsung Galaxy S iii is the best Android smartphone on the market. Let me explain:

1. The Screen

The Galaxy S iii has an amazing screen. It’s massive! Don’t expect to touch everything on the screen with your thumb (you may need both hands), yet I didn’t find that to be a problem at all. The extra screen real estate makes navigating the web and apps much easier. Put simply, there’s less scrolling.

I was able to easily read e-books, view PDF’s, and overall, the screen is the biggest selling point.

2. The Feel of the Phone

You would think that the massive screen would make the phone feel “clunky”, but it’s the exact opposite. The phone is extremely slender, and I was able to easily fit it in my pocket. I was also able to firmly grip the device, with no slipping. The form of the phone conforms nicely to my hand.

3. Photos/Video

I was pretty impressed with the camera on the Galaxy, and I matched up the iPod Touch (which has an amazing camera) with the Galaxy. Take a peek below at the difference between the two devices. I was also extremely impressed with the video recording capabilities of this device. It shoots HD video with ease, and there’s no lagging or performance issues.

4. Battery Life

I was able to use this phone for the majority of the day with no battery life issues. For passive users, you won’t drain the battery, yet heavy users will need to be conscious of where the charger is located. The battery is also removable, for those individuals who would prefer an extra battery on long road trips. I found the battery cover to be a little confusing – it took a few minutes to figure out how to get the cover off.

5. Internet Speed

Caution – LTE is extremely fast. I was able to download files at 20 megabits/second, with upload speeds of 10 megabits (in Bangor, Maine.) In comparison, the internet connection in my apartment is 6 megabits/second. Heavy data users will quickly max out their data plans, yet 3G download speeds are pretty fast. If you have any intention of watching movies from the internet, this is the phone for you (especially with that screen.)

6. Drop Test

7.  What I Dislike about the S iii

  1. This may seem strange, but the entire device is a touchscreen, except for the “home” button. I found it awkward to press this button, it didn’t feel normal at all. If the button was sunk into the device (similar to an iPhone), it would feel much more normal.
  2. If this is your first Android device, there’s a learning curve involved. There’s a vast array of capabilities that are very cool, yet it takes time to uncover these features. My advice? Read the manual. I didn’t.
  3. The headphones that accompany the phone are nearly useless. If you like bass, purchase a new set (like the new Apple Earpods.)
  4. S Voice – it’s a Siri competitor, yet sounds strange, lags, and is nearly useless. I only used S Voice to set an alarm. It doesn’t match up to Siri. At all.
## 8. What I hate about the Galaxy S iii

I’ve seen numerous commercials where Samsung compares itself to Apple products. What pains me, is that instead of boasting about the amazing screen size (and other areas where the Galaxy dominates), instead, they’ve focused on meaningless features. The Galaxy has photo sharing with “buddies”, and S-beam technology. The problem? No one cares! Take a peek at their product page if you’re looking for specific examples, or watch these videos. Only a couple are decent in my opinion.

9. Anecdotal Evidence

I’ve recently watched friends of mine (approximate age: early 20’s), and many are fans of the S iii. I found this to be very interesting; in an age bracket that are notorious fans of Apple products, the Galaxy is competing, and actually doing quite well. We’ll see how this translates into sales, I will be watching it very closely.

Overall, the Samsung Galaxy S iii is a great device, just don’t pay attention to the commercials.