Michael Saylor's Bitcoin Discussion on Tucker Carlson (Full Video, Free)

Michael Saylor's Bitcoin Discussion on Tucker Carlson (Full Video, Free)

On November 29th, 2021 Michael Saylor, the Founder/CEO at MicroStrategy (a publicly traded company) appeared on Tucker Carlson’s show to discuss Bitcoin.

He did a great job explaining why Bitcoin matters, how it works, and why you should own it. Unfortunately there was only a 3 minute clip on the primetime show, but Carlson and Saylor had an hour-long conversation that was available to Fox subscribers on Tucker Carlson, Today.

I found the entire video interview on BitChute for free, which I’ve embedded for you to watch. This video is worth a watch because Saylor tends to do a great job explaining Bitcoin. He uses comparison and analogies that I find to be useful, especially for beginners.

I’ve included a bit more context below to help you understand why this is such a great video to share with friends and family.

Why was Michael Saylor on Tucker Carlson?

1. His company owns a ton of Bitcoin

Michael Saylor has purchased almost 3 billion dollars worth of Bitcoin with his public company, MicroStrategy. Earlier in the day (before the video recording), they announced that they had purchased another $400m worth.

2. He personally owns a ton of Bitcoin

Saylor personally owns 17,000 Bitcoins as well. Here’s a tweet where he talks about this.

3. He’s spent time educating people about Bitcoin

Michael Saylor has given a lot of interviews and regularly talks on podcasts, video networks, and has even created a website called Hope.com to outline Bitcoin and why it matters. In this video Tucker said that they searched for years to find someone who can explain Bitcoin, and I can see why they chose Michael Saylor.

Should I trust Michael Saylor?

Michael Saylor used to be a Bitcoin critic. Here’s a tweet of him in 2013 saying that Bitcoin’s days are numbered:

He was skeptical at first too

He also wrote a book back in 2012 where he predicted the rise of mobile phones and how big of a deal it would be.

I’m sharing this to outline how Michael Saylor tends to understand major trends that shape society.

The book Michael Saylor wrote

In conclusion

Tucker Carlson is a well-known media personality in conservative circles. Michael Saylor is an established public-company CEO who loves to explain Bitcoin and why it matters.

I recommend you share this video with family and friends who watch Fox News!