Facebook Deals
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Facebook Deals

Facebook Deals

Facebook deals is a game changer for  many small businesses. Utilizing the power of social media and converting “passive” fans into real-world customers has been a concern for many business owners, yet the missing link has been found! Facebook Deals incorporates mobile “Check-Ins” with special deals. Just watch this video (and this of how this could help YOUR business!). Many other location based check-in tools such as Foursquare present the mobile check-in as a game; Facebook gives people a REASON to check in – THEY WANT A DEAL!

There are 4 types of Facebook deals, each with enormous potential.

1. Individual Deals

Individual deals reward one person with a certain incentive (of your choosing). For example, if I check-in to a local coffee shop and buy a cup of coffee, I will receive a free coupon for a donut. There is a huge amount of freedom when choosing the “right” deal – but one needs to make sure that the deal is as attractive as possible to the customer!
## 2. Friend Deals
Imagine an individual deal on steroids, that’s what friend deals are. One person tags friends, and when a certain number of friends are tagged, a special deal is unlocked. The number of friends required to unlock a deal is completely customizable, and similar to individual deals, the incentive is up to YOU (Facebook approves the deal first though).
## 3. Loyalty Deals
Remember the coffee punch card? That punch card has now gone digital with Facebook Deals. This encourages frequent visits from customers and incorporates the great aspects of traditional marketing (the punch card), in a sleek digital format.
## 4. Charity Deals
Have you ever walked into a gas station, and seen a multitude of paper shapes from customers who have donated a dollar to a charitable cause? Facebook incorporates the “feel-good” charitable cause, and makes it easily accessible  from Facebook Places. I foresee this as being the x-factor (and a great moneymaker), for charities who are looking to incorporate new media with traditional fundraising activities.
The amazing part about these deals is the fact that they are all unlocked when someone VISITS your store location. Many business owners are concerned about simply “getting people through the door.” Facebook Deals is a game-changer (as I said before), and this will revolutionize the way the customer views a typical store visit. My hypothesis is that checking into places on Facebook (and seeing if there are any deals), will become very emotionally gratifying and possibly even addicting. Why? It’s simple, the check-in is now valuable! I am constantly looking for ways to save money; Facebook deals harnesses my desire and makes it REALITY!