Digital clarity as a competitive advantage

Digital clarity as a competitive advantage

I've been reading a book on Benjamin Franklin, and I found his daily routine to be fascinating. It got me thinking about my daily routine, especially how it relates to technology use.

As the internet continues to grow and permeate our lives, the amount of digital noise that we have to contend with has grown. As a young kid, I would say, "I'm bored." Now, we have devices and a never-ending source of entertainment. I wonder if kids nowadays ever say, "I'm bored?"

There's no way this digital consumption is healthy for us. It's like eating a bunch of cheeseburgers from McDonald's. Yes, it tastes great. But it's not good for you.

The question then becomes one of self-control. How do we deal with this noise? How thoughtful are we about our digital consumption habits? What are the implications for someone who has self-control over their digital activity?

If we deal with this noise in an optimal way, we will be playing on a different level field than our peers, fostering a unique set of skills that will be valued in the market. If we don't deal with this correctly, we will waste our life away watching and "liking", instead of living our own life.

People spend hours a day on Facebook, Netflix, TV, etc. If I want to be "successful", I need to avoid and/or limit this. At a bare minimum, I cannot let these activities dictate my schedule. This is time I could be learning, growing, or gaining insights from a really great book.

The same is true with work. If people spend time every day on Twitter, FB, or the news, they have less and less time to do their best work. If people do not have control of their time and digital use, it will be like competing in a sport with an injury.

If someone can control their digital use and where they focus their time and attention, they will be playing on a different playing field...and it will be only a matter of time until others notice.