About Me

Hey there, thanks for visiting my website. I'm Luke, I work in technology and love to learn new things. I'm also a husband and father to two kiddos, Ben and Sunny.

My specific area of focus is embedding marketing into product development. I consider myself to be a marketer with a love for building things on the internet.

Previously, I was founder/CEO of Friday. We built software for remote work and raised $2.6m from Bessemer and others before shutting it down in April of 2022.

I live in Thompsons Station, TN and love it here. I'm convinced it's the best place on earth to raise a family.

How I'm currently spending my time:

I have a variety of interests.

  • Growing in my faith
  • Getting involved in my community
  • Building products
  • Growing products
  • Remote work and its implications (I wrote a book on it that you can read or listen to for free)
  • Building a town from scratch (see a post I wrote called startup cities)
  • Homeschooling and hybrid education