2011 Higher Education Goals

2011 Higher Education Goals

School at UMaine starts in less than a month, so I created a outline of what I want to accomplish during the school year.

2011 UMaine Higher Education Goals:

  • Organize a meetup in the Bangor area for Entrepreneurs
  • Learn Ruby on Rails, HTML5, CSS3 and develop txtbook.me and Scholarstock
  • Volunteer at United Technologies Center
  • 3.0 GPA or above
  • Eliminate 50% of student debt ($8000)
  • Tour at least 3 Boston based startups
  • Gain 2 major clients (social media consulting/website design)
  • Somehow find a way to get scholarships to more UMaine Business students
  • DON’T get in trouble with UMaine Administration for an “independent project” (Future blog post will explain much more)

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I'm a Mainer in technology who likes growing internet companies and sharing stories about what I learn along the way. Also reading, soccer, and experimenting.