Links Online Solutions (2008)

As a junior in high school, I worked with a local website design shop and learned how to use the Joomla CMS to create websites. This was my first foray into the world of web design.

Atlantic Sports Group (2008-09)

As Director of Communications (fancy title for intern), I was responsible for registering players for the NPSL/WPSL. I oversaw web efforts for the Maine Sting & Maine Tide, managing social media accounts, updating the website, and shooting/editing video of the soccer games. This was a college level internship that I completed as a senior in high school.

Freelancer (2009 – Current)

I worked with numerous businesses on website design, social media, inbound marketing, and pay-per-click advertising. I started off designing static websites, then moved into Joomla, then into WordPress. Notable accomplishments include landing clients in Belgium and New Zealand. Below are a few websites that I’ve constructed:

Buzz University (2009-10)

While a freshman in Boston, I worked with a startup college marketing firm. We leveraged social media (in it’s early days) to help businesses reach out to college students. Notable accomplishments include working with Rockstar Energy, Qdoba, and shooting/editing this video at CollegeFest.

Paul LePage for Governor Campaign (2010)

I assisted the new media efforts of the LePage 2010 campaign. I began working before the primary, and shot/edited video, assisted with social media strategy, and some website design/updating. LePage ended up winning the 2010 election and is now the Governor of Maine.

ScholarStock Business Pitch (2010)

During the early days of Kickstarter, I pitched a way to crowdsource student debt. I ended up winning $500 dollars. Here’s the Pitch Deck.

White Noise Video (2011)

My brother and I pitched White Noise Video in the USM Business Plan competition. The business consisted of strapping a GoPro camera on the bow of a whitewater raft, and recording video.

City of Brewer (2011)

As an intern in the Economic Development department, I learned how municipalities work, and how local government can work with businesses. I also helped with the initial stages of a new website (using the WordPress CMS), and met with 16 different departments to organize content.

AerialFly (2012)

My brother and I pitched using unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) to shoot and record video. My brother built a fully-functional drone which could be controlled via a radio controller. We also were able to control a camera with another controller, giving precise video recording capabilities from the air.