Hi! I’m Luke, and I currently work doing growth at Crystal. I used to work at Safari, YesGraph, and Boundless. I live in South Portland, Maine. I like working on side projects – I’m building an employee success tool to help managers become better bosses and a website helping people find things to do in Maine. I also am building a website for people who just moved to Portland, Maine.

I enjoy reading, writing, and marketing products/services online. I also write code periodically (Ruby/Rails/HTML/CSS).

Let’s Talk?

Feel free to email me at any time – I like meeting new people.

I periodically do a little consulting, although I’m pretty selective about what projects I take on. I want to make sure it’s a good fit, and something that maximizes value for the client.

Writing about marketing/growth is a interest of mine. I’ve recently migrated my marketing posts to GainBits, and will releasing guides, tutorials, and videos soon. I’d love if you followed along!